Daniel Gibbs (Co-Founder)

Daniel, a dedicated father, veteran of the United States Air Force, and University of Akron-trained engineer, has applied his diverse skill set to the world of education. His experiences raising an autistic child led him to recognize a significant lack of resources for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In response, Daniel established a private school to bridge this gap, with the mission of offering an education tailored to the needs of these unique children and ensuring that no family feels unsupported on their journey.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Daniel is an outdoor adventurer and an avid fan of board games. He savors the thrill of mountain biking and Jeep off-roading, his love for exploration allowing him to venture into uncharted territories and cultivate a mindset of determination and courage. Likewise, his penchant for board games reflects his strategic thinking and appreciation for friendly competition, offering numerous opportunities for bonding with friends and family.

At the heart of Daniel’s life are his three wonderful children and his wife. He is a firm believer in the value of shared experiences and meaningful time spent together. Hence, he greatly enjoys traveling with his family. Their adventures range from country-wide road trips in their family Jeep to immersing themselves in the culture of new countries. His approach to life seamlessly merges his professional dedication, love for adventure, and devotion to his family, creating a harmony that fuels his every endeavor.